The media presence has expanded. In addition to the homepages: and
there has been the possibility to follow my artistic work on Instagram since mid-November 2020. You
find my account at
or the hashtag #gerdjwunderer. I would be very happy about a visit.


Corona, spring, nice weather and nobody is allowed to visit museums and galleries. Are you also looking forward to when we are allowed to go out again?

Yeah, me too.

Until then you can visit my virtual gallery on Youtube. I show you there in different movies three different artist books in a virtual art exhibition. You can reach the exhibition by clicking on the three banners below.


Invitation to the

7. sales exhibition

"Book Art in the Lyrik Kabinett"

from Friday, 13.11. to Sunday, 15.11.2020

Amalienstrasse 83a

80799 Munich

Friday 18 to 21 h

Saturday 12 to 18 o'clock

Sunday 12 to 18 hrs


I am already looking forward to your coming today.



     The wisdom of the sea       

Tadelakt technique

     about 210 cm x 153 cm



BuchDruckKunst im Museum der Arbeit

>Erlesenes auf Papier<

Wiesendamm 3, 22305 Hamburg

Saturday 16.02.2019. to Sunday 17.02.2019.

The opening hours are:

Friday opening ceremony begins 19 h

Saturday 10 to 18 h

Sunday 10 to 17 h

I will be present again with my exhibition and look forward to seeing her.



I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year 2019.



Weihnachtskamel - Christmas camel

A Christmas movie on Youtube 

The film shows a very special Christmas story about the Christmas camel.





Happy Easter!!!




Escape vacuity hope



The carpet was or is, in the East, but also for us, an essential part of the home, home in its narrower sense. Therefore, my work begins with an Oriental rug. It is in this triptych a symbol of home. The reading direction is in line with the Arabic script from right to left.

An escape uprooted and leads in its impact to an internal and external emptiness. Trauma remains, what was, is no longer valid, everything is different, everything that inventory had, has changed, is no longer reliable. The resulting void is only very slowly recharge, away often only over years, maybe never. What remains is the hope of a new beginning.

The encounter with the "new world" means to enter an unknown habitat. The emptiness springing cryptic text on the left half of the triptych symbolize this new world, the language, the rites, the fashion of the havens.

This cryptic text takes the viewer in the same way as incomprehensible true as a man of the refuge had. Everything seems open, strange and incomprehensible. At the same time this left part of the triptych includes the aspect of hope, without which everything would be nothing. This part of my work contains the thought of the wide walking, the confidence and the arrival.

The theme escape is ambivalent. Conceivable in addition to the physical escape of people be the escape from himself, the inner escape. Also, it leads to fill it with new life, new goals and new confidence in themselves and other people. Again in a void which it applies

The dimensions of the triptych each image part 0,95 m x 1,15 m (width x height), the overall dimensions of the work, each 0,02 m hanging distance between the three parts of the image amount to a height of 1,15 m and a width of 2,89 m.





Already for 10 minutes, she stared thoughtfully into the vastness of the country. Nothing happened, not a leaf moved. Yes -, incredibly, they have fallen in love. All others say they are a weird couple. They would not fit together. Kevin Obermoser was exceptional. His dark red fur liked Aleecia Beroe Méndez since the first day. Aleecia also almost equal red, green with yellow feet, a special bird.

Nobody knows it-, but Aleecia warmed since 14 days four beautiful large eggs. Kevin and Aleecia were excited already correct.

Only her love mattered to them.